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When you’re looking for a new color scheme for your home, consider changing the color of your wood paneling. You can choose from a variety of options, including a Whitewashed look, Shiplap, or a neutral tone like Grey-blue or green. This will change the way your wood panels look and will make them look more like designer wood panels.

Whitewashed wood paneling

If your old wood paneling is starting to look outdated and worn out, you may want to consider giving it a new look with a whitewash. This technique provides a rustic appearance without making it look too old or run down. It involves sanding down the paneling and applying a paint mixture with water. You can choose any color, but white is the most popular. You could also use a sunny yellow.

Whitewashing wood paneling can give a home a modern feel while still retaining the charm of the real wood grain. By using a whitewash technique, wood paneling can be given a new lease on life while creating a clean backdrop for your artwork. This involves applying a coat to the unfinished paneling and letting it soak in. Then, wipe off any excess paint to reveal a lighter shade. There are many white stains that can be used to match your decor, including a pure linen white or a soft off white.

Whitewashed wood panels are often associated to shabby chic. However, they can also be used in many other styles. They can be used on walls or even ceilings. They can be used to give a room a new look or as accents on the ceiling.


Shiplap wood paneling can be used in many styles, from New England to farmhouse. You can also use it to create dramatic accent walls within a room. Most shiplap is new wood, primed and painted white from the factory, but a more aged, weathered look is also possible. Shiplap can also be ordered in mosaic and staggered designs.

If you’d like to give your shiplap wood paneling a new look, you can use a sander to smooth out the uneven surface. Use an 80-grit sandpaper to smooth out the edges, and then repeat the process using higher-grit sandpaper. You can also caulk the gaps and nail holes. After the caulking has dried, you can apply primer. If you want to paint the grooves, you can do this in two ways: one way is with a regular paint brush, and the other is with a roller.

Shiplap wood paneling makeover ideas have become very popular thanks to the shows Fixer Upper and Joanna Gaines. Shiplap is typically installed vertically but it can also be installed horizontally. This creates the illusion of length and visually stretches a space from left to right.

Grey-blue tones

Grey-blue tones are a great choice for wood paneling because of their complimentary nature. Blue is a classic colour that goes well with mahogany and cherry wood. This color also contrasts beautifully with gold accents. Green is another traditional color for wood trim.

Natural wood paneling looks beautiful with blue or green paint. When decorating with these colors, choose a base tone that is cooler than the natural wood tone. The warm wood tone will be offset by a cooler base tone. Alternatively, if you want a more dramatic look, try a deep shade of blue or green.

A lighter color will make wood paneling appear more modern. You can also whitewash the paneling to add a lighter touch. However, you should ensure that you cover exposed areas before applying the white paint. Wood paneling is a popular choice for living rooms and dens, but it can also be used in home offices.

Grey-green tones

Grey-green tones work well with wood panelling. This neutral color can also be used to tie the panelling in with the rest of the room’s design and emphasize a larger sense of space. It can be used with darker wood finishes, and it can also be used with other wood tones. A popular colour choice is gentle sage, which adds a soft, natural touch to any room. This shade is great for a living room, bedroom, or entryway.

Powder blue is another color that looks great when used with wood paneling. This color is both calm and playful, reminding you of idyllic countryside scenes. Powder blue is also a classic color and works well with delicate floral patterns. Light sage and mint green are also great paint colors for wainscoting. Wide plank paneling in a bedroom and beadboard panels in the kitchen are also calming when they are lightened by green tones.

Cool and neutral paint colors are best for highlighting the warm brown tones of natural wood paneling. These colors make the space feel cozier and more comfortable. However, it is important not to go overboard with dark colors. Contrast can make a room stand out and make the wood paneling shine.

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