How to Sew a Dress – The First Steps




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how to sew a dress

Make sure your dress has the right shape before you start sewing it. Sew the side seams first to keep the shape of the dress. Next, sew the neckline and hem. Once you have finished these, attach the sleeves. You can also sew a zipper into the dress.

Sew the side seams first to ensure the shape of the dress remains intact

To add more fabric to your dress, the first step is to determine the width of the side seams. You can measure the width of one side seam, then multiply that measurement by two. To increase the width of the dress’ sides, cut strips or triangles of fabric.

If you don’t have enough fabric at the seams, you can take some extra fabric from the bottom of the dress. The fabric should match the dress’s color as closely as possible. You may even want to use alternating colors if you’re sewing from a dress made of two different colors.

Before you start sewing, make sure to mark the seams on the dress so you can remember where to sew them. You can also mark the areas that are the most fitted. You should leave enough space between the marks to allow the seams to escape. Then, you can cut the fabric along the seams with a seam ripper tool.

If you’re working with delicate or lightweight fabrics, a French seam is the best choice. It won’t show any seams on the wrong side of your dress and will prevent bulky edges. Alternatively, you can use a bound seam. A bound seam looks like a French seam, but the stitches aren’t visible from the right side.

Sew the neckline, hem and sleeves of a dress

The first step in sewing a dress is to sew the neckline. There are many types of necklines, but the most common are V-neck and scoop neck. Different necklines may be required for more intricate patterns. For a basic neckline, fold the top 1/4″ of fabric over, press the seam allowance, then sew the seam. The same process applies to the hem.

When sewing the neckline, always make sure that your seam allowances are even. This will prevent the seams from rolling out. This step can be done with the Edgestitch foot. This foot has a metal guide at the ditch that helps ensure your stitches are 1/8” apart from the seam. This will give your seam a polished appearance and prevent your neckline from slipping outside of the dress.

Once you have cut your fabric, you are ready to cut the pattern pieces. Remember to match the edges of each piece to avoid gaps and wrinkles. If you’re a beginner, use a simple pattern to guide you. You can find dress patterns online or in a local sewing store. Once you have your pattern, you can start sewing the dress.

If you’ve followed all of the directions, you’re ready to start sewing the neckline and hem of a simple dress. The seams are shaped like shoulder seams and are found on both the body and the facing sections. You’ll be sewing in zippers later on in some garments.

Sew a zipper into a dress

First, you must determine where to put the zipper on the dress. It is best to place the zipper in the middle of the back seam. Next, pin the bodice piece to the zipper notch with the right sides facing. Pin the zipper facing to your bodice. Then, stitch the back seam using a 1/4-inch seam allowance. When finished, the zipper will be hidden under the bodice.

The stitching line should begin close to the zipper end and continue down to the hem. Note that this stitching line may not line up perfectly at first, especially if the zipper is bulky. To ensure it lines up perfectly, you can press the open seam against the zipper.

Next, you should consider the height of the zipper. The height of the zipper should be at least as high as the bottom of the dress. Most people find that working the zipper from the non-dominant side makes it easier to operate. If you are right-handed, the zipper should be worked on the left side.

Use a long stitch to finish the seam if the zipper is too long. You can also use a double-long stitch. Make sure that you sew close to the zipper teeth and stitch through the zipper. When you’re finished, turn the dress inside-out to install the zipper.

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