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how to decor home for christmas in Virginia

There are many ways to decorate your home for Christmas in Virginia. From tacky lights tours to breakfasts with Santa, this state has enough festive destinations to keep you cheery all the way until the New Year. Read on to discover some of the top ideas for holiday decorating.

Coastal Christmas Decor

If you’re wondering how to decorate your home for Christmas in Virginia, you’ve come to the right place. Many towns and cities make it a point to put a special touch on their holiday decorations. In fact, many of these festive destinations are worth a trip by car, so plan your road trip accordingly. Virginia offers everything, from small towns with charming boutiques to bustling urban centers lit up by thousands of holiday lights.

Professional Christmas light installers can transform your home for the holidays. They will work with you to find the right outdoor lighting and holiday decor for your home. Coastal Christmas Decor is a local company. Their goal is to provide high-quality service and holiday lighting expertise.

Coastal Christmas Decor, owned by Troy Taylor and Brent Cole, offers everything from design to installation to removal and storage. They have been in business for six years and specialize in all aspects Christmas decorating. Visit their website for more information. Their services are available in the Norfolk region, including Virginia Beach and the Chesapeake.

Chick-fil A on U.S. 460

The Buchanan luminaries, a treasured holiday tradition in the Blue Ridge, Virginia are the Buchanan luminaries. These luminaries are made from 1 gallon plastic jugs and are lit on the holiday season. These luminaries were donated to the community following the 1985 flood, which left many people without water. A light display at Chick-fil-A, U.S. 466, Virginia is another holiday tradition. Customers say the store looks exactly like the Griswold home in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

The Christmas lights hung on the outside of the restaurant are dizzying. It is a festive way to welcome the season and share some hope. In 2015, an employee started the tradition and it has continued to grow ever since. The goal was to spread hope and start new traditions for families. The lights stretch above the drive-thru lanes.

This Christmas tradition has taken on religious significance. The Star of David, the star that starred above Bethlehem on the first Christmas, is represented by the lights. They also symbolize the light of Christ’s love. The lights are the perfect addition to any Christmas home.

Chick-fil A in Roanoke

Christmas lights can make your home as festive as the home of Griswold in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Although they were not originally a Christian tradition they have been given a Christian meaning by believers. They are symbolic of the star and light of Christ’s love, as well as the Bethlehem star of David.

In Roanoke, Virginia, an employee at a Chick-fil-A restaurant has decided to take the Christmas spirit a step further by stringing a dizzying amount of Christmas lights around the restaurant. Alex Clark, the operator, started the tradition in 2015 to spread hope and establish new family traditions. The lights are so numerous, that the drive-thru lanes have been covered in bulbs.

Buchanan luminaries are an annual holiday tradition in Virginia’s Blue Ridge region. The luminaries are made of 1 gallon plastic containers. The town received water donations after a 1985 flood. A light display as grand as this one is worth visiting.

Fairfax Farmer’s Christmas House

The Farmer’s Christmas House is a family tradition that goes back 50 years. The display started with string lights, and has grown to include a large collection of blow-ups. Kurt, the son of Farmers, has carried on the tradition, taking his father’s obsession to new heights. Today, the Farmer’s Christmas House boasts 96 different blowups and thousands upon thousands of lights. Guests can even see a Santa robot performing push-ups to the theme from the movie “Rocky.”

Fairfax County, Virginia is home to the Farmer’s Christmas House. The decorations are incredible. The entire display can be walked through using pathways. Even if you don’t feel festive this season the display is a wonderful way to spend an evening. Be sure to visit the Farmer’s Christmas House in the evenings, as the lights don’t go off until New Year’s Eve.

If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate the holidays, consider a drive through this yard. Open five to ten pm Sunday through Thursday, this show runs until January 8. It’s closed during precipitation. If you’re lucky enough, you might be able to see the lights on December 12th at 5-10 p.m.

The Marshall Pond Christmas Village is a group seven houses that line a cul de sac in Pipestem. The homes are decorated for the holidays, and a mailbox for letters is located inside one of the houses. The house features full-size homemade props of the Grinch and Taz. You may even get a special response from Santa.

Alexandria’s waterfront

Alexandria, VA has both small-town charm as well as the convenience of being near Washington, DC. The riverfront highway is lined with brick townhouses built in squat, with flickering gas lanterns. It feels like an 18th-century treasure trove. The architecture is still reminiscent of the city’s founding in 1749. Some buildings are painted in pastel colors while others are white or cream. They each have their own unique personality.

Downtown Alexandria is filled with festive festivities throughout the holiday season. On December 14, the city’s waterfront will host Yuletide by Candlelight. The festivities will feature seasonal decorations, refreshments and shuttle service. The marina has a station for letters to Santa, bookmark-making stations, and other crafts for children. Visitors can also enjoy hot chocolate, as well as watch Santa and his crew water-skiing.

Christmas celebrations are a highlight of Alexandria’s waterfront. Christmas decorations can be found on the city’s streets, which are decorated with lights, garlands, and other decorations. The annual Scottish Christmas Walk kicks off Christmas season in the city. The parade features military bands, school bands, fife and drums, and bagpipes. The final highlight of the parade is a mass pipe performance.

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