How to Decorate Home For Christmas in New Orleans Louisiana

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  • Date: November 2, 2022
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how to decor home for christmas in New Orleans Louisiana

New Orleanians love to decorate their homes, and their homes for any occasion, including Christmas. They decorate for humor, fun, and unique reasons. Here are some fun ideas for decorating your New Orleans home during the holidays. Enjoy!

Colhoun and Niki Epstein create a festive home in New Orleans for Christmas

The festive Christmas decor in CeCe Colhoun’s home is made even more festive by the addition of fresh cedar garland, which she inherited from a relative. The garland is 10 to 15 feet long and secured to the banister with wire-covered wire every two inches. Stockings made from hand-torn, muslin add texture and security.

The Roosevelt’s lobby is a dazzler during the holidays

The Roosevelt is a must-see during the holidays in New Orleans, Louisiana, as the lobby is transformed into a winter wonderland with more than 60,000 sparkling lights. You can even find a gingerbread village complete with alligators in the Roosevelt lobby. It’s the ideal location for holiday photo shoots.

The lobby is also the perfect location for taking holiday photos. Although the Roosevelt still has festive holiday decorations, the lobby will be renovated in the near future. The festive season will be celebrated through January 4th, 2023.

The hotel’s gift shop allows guests to purchase Christmas ornaments for their loved ones. This gift shop is stocked with curated gifts, such as a popular annual Christmas ornament. The gift shop also has upscale items and a signature candle.

The holiday season offers many festive options, and guests can enjoy holiday breakfast in the lobby of the hotel. The Roosevelt will also hold holiday brunches at the Fountain Lounge. Hot chocolate, holiday pastries, and specialty coffees are all part of the holiday treats. In addition, guests can enjoy the four-course Reveillon Dinner in the Fountain Lounge. This centuries-old New Orleans tradition is celebrated on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. This tradition has been adopted by The Roosevelt, who serves items such as seared duck breast with oyster dressing and scallops along with winter vegetables.

The Audubon Zoo’s lack of holiday lights

This holiday season, there are no shortage of holiday lights at Audubon Zoo. Instead, you can enjoy the spectacular Christmas light show at this family attraction. The Zoo has been nationally recognized for its creation of family-friendly attractions and is presenting the inaugural event of Audubon Zoo Lights. The show runs through December 30 and is open daily from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Tickets cost $15, or $10 for Audubon members.

The Audubon Zoo is participating in a recycling program for string lights. The program will run through January 13th and will benefit the Wildlife Conservation Network. It will also keep your lights out of landfills. The goal is to prevent these lights from circling the animals and causing tangles.

For those concerned about the animals’ safety, you can donate your old lights to the Audubon Zoo’s collection box. The collection box is located at the front entrance of the zoo. Don’t forget to donate lights, not boxes and bags. The Audubon Zoo is closed on Thanksgiving. However, it reopens on Friday.

The Audubon Zoo is a top-rated zoo in the country. It is home to a variety of animals from around the world and innovative natural habitat exhibits. From white alligators to giraffes, you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy.

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