How to Decorate Home for Christmas in Maine




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how to decor home for christmas in Maine

Whether you are decorating for the holidays for the first time or have been preparing for a while, there are many different ways to bring the festive spirit to your home. Flocking Christmas trees can bring a winter wonderland feeling inside. Flocking trees are simply real trees with white branches and a white trunk, but you can also buy reusable trees and add some faux snow to them. To add some whimsy and flair to your mantle, you can also make a paper garland. Use different shades of green paper and add red pom poms to make your garland look merry.

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While many Maine designers make use of traditional Christmas decorations, there are also more modern approaches that can add a festive feel to a home. One popular way to add holiday flair is by adding wreaths. Portland interior designer Tracy Davis orders wreaths that include a variety of seasonal flowers and foliage. To create a festive atmosphere, she also uses blanket-filled baskets as well as festive hand towels.

Bookshelves are also an excellent choice for decorating the holiday. These shelves are perfect for placing holiday ornaments and other seasonal pieces. Setting the table is another great way to add holiday cheer. You can choose a festive tablecloth or add a table runner to complete the look.

Candles are a great way to add warmth to your home. Mary Maloney recommends using candles to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Candlelight can also add a classic touch to the front door. Wreaths can also be added to interior doors to add a festive flair to the space.

Another classic way to add holiday flair is to hang a large Christmas wreath. This is a great way add vertical interest to your home and can be safely mounted. A hanging wreath is a great canvas for holiday decorations. You can also hang a moss-covered greeting to delight guests and passersby. The best part is that it’s incredibly easy to create!

A beautiful evergreen garland is another classic holiday decoration. An inexpensive way to create a snowy effect is to use evergreen garland. You can make it yourself using the right materials. You can also purchase a cheap garland and string it around your tree. You can also make Christmas decorations using holiday movies. It’s also possible to make a train set. You can decorate a room for a holiday party, or decorate your entire home with holiday decorations.


If you’re planning a Christmas decor project, Maine is home to some wonderful sources of holiday decorations. LL Bean, for instance, makes a variety of holiday decorations and gifts. Other stores, such as Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, Michigan, sell mostly American-made goods, but you can also find Maine-made decorations at Norton’s USA.


Holidays are expensive, and holiday decorations can add up to a substantial portion of your holiday budget. However, there are several ways to save money on your holiday decor, including DIY projects. These include making decorations such as wreaths, advent calendars, and garland. This can be a fun process that can involve your entire family.


A professional Christmas decorator is a great option if you are looking to decorate your home for the holidays. Maine holiday decorating can be a bit stressful, and hiring a professional can help alleviate your stress. Outdoor Lighting Designs provides light installation and Christmas decor services to make your holiday season bright and cheery.

The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is a great place to find Christmas decorations and lights. Gardens Aglow is a special event that features over 650,000 LED bulbs. Tickets are $40 for nonmembers and $30 for members. You must book your tickets in advance to see this amazing display. You will also be able to see nearly 50 homes and business lights being lit.

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