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how to decor home for christmas in Delaware

If you’re wondering how to decorate your home for Christmas in Delaware, you have come to the right place. The state has some stunning holiday displays, from Winterthur’s holiday display to Cape Henlopen State Park’s tree farm. There are also many unique events such as Christmas events at Nemours Estate or Gaines Christmas Tree Farm.

Winterthur’s holiday display

If you’re traveling to Delaware during the holiday season, be sure to check out Winterthur’s holiday display. This mansion is located near Wilmington and is well-known for its elaborate holiday decorations as well as its collection of decorative art. Yuletide at Winterthur is from Nov. 23 to Jan. 5, and features a special exhibit that explores wedding celebrations during the mid-1800s.

You can also take part in free Yuletide events at the museum for kids. Kids can take part in the Kids Create! program at the museum through Jan. 3. Families can also ride on the Winterthur Santa Tram or explore the museum’s Enchanted Forests. Hot chocolate, sweet treats and holiday singing can be enjoyed by guests.

While you’re at Winterthur, be sure to stop by the historic home of Henry Francis du Pont. This home is a great place to learn about du Pont’s life and the history of holiday celebrations. While you’re there, don’t miss the gorgeous holiday displays and tables!

You can even make your own holiday centerpiece! You can also take a Yuletide tour and explore the history of the du Pont family and their legacy. The tour will include 3D images, lights and sounds. The lights will be on until Jan. 3, and the museum’s gift shop will be open until 9 pm on holiday nights.

Cape Henlopen State Park

If you are thinking about decorating your home for Christmas, you have a few options. You can first take it to the Friends of Cape Henlopen State Park, a local nonprofit. You can drop off a Christmas tree as early as Dec. 26 and it will be collected until Jan. 28, 2022. You can also call ahead to find out if your tree can be recycled. If you do decide to take your tree to a recycle facility, be sure to remove all decorations and to detach the tree from its tree stand.

Another great option is to visit Cape Henlopen State Park’s Winter WonderFEST. This event features more than 1 mile of dazzling lights. Children can also enjoy a Christmas village, a carnival, games, and crafts. It doesn’t matter if you decorate your home for Christmas, or not. Whether you plan on decorating your home yourself, or hiring someone else to do it, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

A great way to decorate your home in Christmas spirit is to attend Winter WonderFEST at Cape Henlopen State Park. Here you will find the most stunning Christmas lights and displays. There are dazzling light displays, festive parades, and holiday-themed house tours. You won’t have to pay any sales tax on holiday gifts, plus there is no sales tax!

Gaines Christmas Tree Farm

The Gaines Christmas Tree Farm is a great place to visit if you’re visiting Delaware for Christmas. The farm has been around since 1996, and it offers many unique types of trees. The farm even offers delivery and handmade wreaths. They even invite Santa to visit.

This tree farm is a great place to visit to cut down Christmas trees, buy gift items, and even go on a hayride. There are also other holiday events to enjoy while you’re there, such as Christmas carols. You can also take your children on a hayride for their Christmas tree.

Gaines Christmas Tree Farm is a Harrington, DE tree farm that offers unique, locally-grown trees. The tree farm takes great pride in offering trees that are grown in Delaware. You can even choose your own tree and the tree farm staff will take care of cutting it for you.

Nemours Estate

The Nemours Estate is a landmark Christmas destination in Wilmington, Delaware. Alfred I. duPont built this historic mansion in the early 1900s. The duPont family spent their holidays at the estate, which is now open to the public. It gives a glimpse into the extravagant lifestyle of early 1900s.

To celebrate the Christmas season, the mansion is decorated in the tradition of the duPont family. Giant Christmas trees and blown-glass ornaments from Venice add festive flair to the home. In addition, the grounds are decorated with paper cutouts created by students at the Alfred I. duPont Institute, part of the estate.

Another holiday attraction in Delaware is the Yuletide display at Winterthur. It’s just twenty minutes away from Nemours. Longwood Gardens, another duPont residence, is another must-see during holiday season. Its gardens make the perfect setting for holiday celebrations.

Turning Pointe Farm

If you’re planning a visit to Delaware this holiday season, don’t miss a stop at Turning Pointe Farm. The farm houses thousands of ornaments and Christmas trees. It’s open daily through the holiday season, and closes at 6:00 pm on weekdays. The farm has a wide selection of artificial and fresh Christmas trees. It is open from Monday through Saturday, until 8:00 PM. The farm also offers a gift shop featuring a holiday theme. There’s even custom-made greenery available for purchase.

The farm is open from the day after Thanksgiving to allow you to purchase fresh Spruce, Fir or Pine trees. Garlands and wreaths can also be purchased. The farm hosts holiday events like sleigh rides or hay rides.

The farm allows dogs to be on a leash. There’s even a restored 1926 sleigh on display for viewing. You can also find ornaments, figurines and other collectibles at the farm. You can also bring your pet along to the farm, as they have a wide selection of trees ranging in price from $60 to $95.

Coral Cove

Christmas in Delaware is a time for twinkling lights and Santa sightings. There are many beaches in Delaware, which are great for summer vacations. Here are some ideas for decorating your home this holiday season. By Nicole, a freelance writer living in Delaware.

First, you will need to buy a Christmas tree. This is one of the most important parts of the holiday. Many local Christmas tree farms are located in the state, and they sell a wide variety of Christmas trees to fit your home’s decor. Choosing the perfect tree for your home is the first step in holiday decorating. Consider purchasing a wreath, stocking stuffers or a headband while shopping for a tree.

Delaware’s Christmas House is a great place to learn about holiday traditions. The historic house is decorated in December with hundreds of thousands lights. With the help of a Delaware Holiday Home Tour Map, you can take a holiday home tour through this area. The tour will take you to many private homes, and you can even take a walk through them for a taste of Colonial-era architecture.

The Wooden Indian

If you’re looking for a special gift for your loved ones or just something unique for your holiday decor, The Wooden Indian in Rehoboth is a great place to shop. The owners are friendly, helpful, and the products they sell are excellent quality. Although the items aren’t cheap, they’re a great deal. In addition to Christmas decor, The Wooden Indian also carries other gifts for the season, such as jewelry, home decor, and more.

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