How to Clean Up Your Home in Just 10 Minutes




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If you are looking for a way to clean up your home in ten minutes or less, then you’re in the right place. Becky Rapinchuk is a mother of three and writes a blog called Clean Mama. She balances raising her children and running her own business.


Decluttering your home can be time-consuming. Most people are unable to manage the task because it can take several hours. It is possible to clean out a room in ten minutes. This project doesn’t require you to spend much time. Start by clearing out one room at a time.

A checklist can make it easier to declutter. A checklist should include step-by-step instructions as well as a list of areas that need to be addressed. If you don’t already have one, an online tool can help you create one.


A 10-minute tidying up routine won’t make your home perfect, but it will make it look presentable. Concentrate on the most used areas in your home. These areas will be the most visited by guests, so don’t leave them too dirty. Most attention will be paid to the bedroom and living area.

You will stick to a cleaning schedule in your home. You should tidy up your home at least once a day, and ideally every day. Even if your schedule is jam-packed, make sure to tidy up at the conclusion of each day. This routine can be modified to suit your needs.

Set a timer

A timer that is set for 10 minutes can be a great way to clean up your home quickly. For a ten minute cleaning session, you should only do a small task like clearing out the counters. After 15 minutes, you can move on to another area.

Although this method is not suitable for large homes, it can be used to focus on a single room at once. A timer will help you focus more on one area, and make it easier to work efficiently. A timer can also make your sessions feel more real.

Regular cleaning

Cleaning in 10-minute increments can make a huge difference in your daily life and help reduce stress. You can make a big difference in your home and overall health by cleaning 10 minutes per day. Start small and then adjust the frequency according to your time and needs.

You can do anything in a 10 minute time span, from dusting to emptying the trash. A few of these tasks can be done every day to keep your home fresh. You should also make sure that you empty your wastebasket every day to prevent it from overflowing. A room can be dusted for 10 minutes every day. This includes baseboards, walls hangings and window sills. You can also clean the countertops and table tops of your kitchen chairs.

Clean a room

It is one of the most effective ways to clean a space. Start by organizing your clothes and shoes, folding them and storing them, as well as donating out-of-season clothing. If you don’t have enough room, you can store your clothes under the bed or in the wardrobe. A catch-all bin is another good idea to keep items that aren’t needed in your room.

Start by making a list of everything in your room. You may be surprised at how many things you have stored in your room if you haven’t cleaned it in a while. Make a quick inventory and then place all of your belongings in a container. You should only move the furniture as little as possible. Remove any dirt or dust.

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