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This craft can be done with plastic spoons or wooden spoons. Using different colors, you can paint the spoons to match a theme such as Easter. Then, display your creation on a mantel or other area of your home. Neon colors are still fashionable, but you can use them if necessary.

Wooden spoons

Crafts made with wooden spoons can be fun for the whole family. They are inexpensive, as you can get them in bulk at a kitchen supplier or pound store. You can make a spoon in various colors and designs or leave them plain. If you do not want to use your spoons for food, you can also carve out a spoon for craft purposes.

A wooden spoon garden is another great craft idea for kids. This craft is perfect for kids with green thumbs. Children can create flowers and even help identify plants. They can also gift the spoons to gardeners. Moreover, they can dress up their wooden spoons with clothes and hair, and add beads for eyes.

Plastic spoons

Reusing plastic spoons can be used to make spoon crafts. You can paint plastic spoons with various colors and turn them into beautiful ornaments. For an even more unique look, wrap the spoons with yarn or twine. You can decorate the spoons with faces by adding tiny embellishments such as buttons or fabric scraps. You can also turn plastic spoons into candle holders.

Plastic spoons are inexpensive and can be used for numerous crafts. For example, you can make a spoon flower vase or even spoon roses, which are fun to make with your kids. These crafts are simple to make and can be made in a variety of ways. A plastic spoon can be transformed into a stick puppet, or a butterfly. To make the butterfly spoons, you can paint them in butterflies’ colors.

Wooden forks

You can use a variety tools to carve spoons. Some of these tools can be used with a handsaw, while others can be used with power tools. You can use a power carver to get a smoother finish or you can use a power sander to make the inside of the bowl of the spoon look like a finished spoon.

Alternatively, you can also make spoon sculptures from plastic forks. These are great for the garden because they act as a deterrent for garden pests. You can also use wooden spoons to create a snowman, which can be placed in a container for a gift. A great idea for a spoon craft, is to use spoons in hangers.

Wooden spoon puppets

You can make wooden spoon puppets with inexpensive craft supplies. You can make a puppet that depicts a person, an animal, or a mythical creature. You can also decorate your spoon with foam or felt. Using a variety of materials, you can also create a face for your puppet.

You can also buy wooden spoons at Dollar Store if you’re in a pinch. You can also buy googly eyes and Christmas ribbon. A brown chalk paint is needed to paint the wooden spoon. It dries quickly. You can paint all sides of the spoon. You can also glue the googly eyes to the spoon with a glue gun.

Frosty the Spoonman

Frosty the Spoonman is a classic holiday image. Children can make their versions by creating plastic spoon snowman pot decorations. These snowmen look just like real snowmen but instead of using snow, you can use plastic spoons to make pretty flowers. They can also be used to create a turkey, which makes for an adorable dinner decoration.

The Spoonman has performed in many venues and is considered a living legend. He can be found performing on the streets and stages of cities around the world. He is a regular at the Northwest Folklife Festival and has recorded a session alongside Frank Zappa.

Rudolph spoon

Making a Rudolph spoon craft is great to get kids excited for the holiday season. It can be used as a prop for puppets and makes a great centerpiece. You can tie it to herbs, spices, or candy for a unique holiday dinner favor. To make a Rudolph spoon craft, you will need the following materials:

First, you need a spoon. A small spoon can be used for Rudolph, a medium for a beard or a large for the mouth. You can also add googly eyes to your Rudolph spoon craft.

Spoon Magnets

Now that you have the spoons, it’s time to decide what design you want for your magnets. You can use a glue gun to attach the magnets, but make sure that the glue does not spill over onto the spoon or else it will be difficult to clean up.

You can attach more than one magnet by using multiple glue guns at once. This is a great way of creating a more intricate design using two different kinds of spoons or making sure they don’t fall apart easily!

To attach the magnets properly, make sure they are all facing inwards towards one another so that they create their strongest bond together when placed against something else (like your refrigerator).

There are several options when choosing how many holes and what size holes should be punched into each spoon: 1 hole every inch along its length would help keep things together but 2-3 might make them too tight while 4+ might weaken their grip too much; punch small holes near where each end meets its handle so there’s no risk of cracking later on down line if someone bumps into them hard enough (this could also mean fewer possibilities for accidentally losing parts!). By drilling through all four sides instead ,

Spoon Flowers

A spoon flower is a great way to use up random spoons and create something beautiful! You can paint your spoons, decorate them with ribbon, or leave them plain.

To make a plain spoon flower with a hole in the middle:

  • gather some scrap paper for your flower petals (10 sheets) and scissors
  • start by cutting the paper into small pieces – 2 inches by 2 inches works well; you’ll need enough to cover all sides of your spoon plus an extra piece for the center of your finished flower (you may want 5-6 pieces)
  • fold over each piece of paper around your finger as though it were an envelope flap or doily then press down at the top of each one so they curl upwards slightly toward you. You should end up with something that looks like this:

Silverware Art

Silverware art is a fun and unique way to use your old cutlery. It’s not only an opportunity to show off your silverware collection and the food that you eat, but also a chance to have some fun with family and friends while getting creative.

The first step in making this sculpture is choosing what type of cutlery you want to work with. You can choose any shape or size of utensil, but spoons are probably the easiest because they’re flat on both sides and usually bigger than other utensils like forks or knives. Once you’ve decided which type of cutlery will be used for this project, it’s time for some glueing!

To start gluing:

  • Hold one piece at an angle towards the base material (such as cardboard)
  • Press down firmly until it sticks

Spoon Wind Chimes

While you’re at the thrift store, you can pick up a few spoons for your project. The best part about using spoons is that they’re easy to find and cheap. You can get them in bulk from any kitchenware store or even from Amazon Prime!

Even if you don’t like the sound of wind chimes, these crafts are so fun to make that it might be worth it anyway! Try hanging them outside on your porch or patio so everyone around can enjoy the sound of your artistic masterpiece. Or even better: try making some for yourself! Maybe even decorate them with paints and other materials like glitter or beads. The options are endless when it comes to decorating these musical masterpieces made with humble utensil materials (or as I like to call them “spoonfuls”).

Fork Frames

Instead of reaching for a pair of scissors to cut out your craft paper, use a fork to make your own custom frame. The handle can be used as the top of the frame and then bend it down to create two sides. You could also use a spoon instead of a fork if you don’t have one on hand.

  • Draw or trace whatever shape you want onto your paper and cut it out using scissors or an x-acto knife (if you’re feeling fancy).
  • Take your chicken wing/fork/spoon/knife and wrap it around the paper so that it covers both ends when they overlap each other at their tips. This will create one side of your frame! If needed, hold them together with duct tape until they dry enough so that they stay in place on their own without being taped together.
  • To create another side for your frame, place 2 pieces of paper together with either glue or tape and then slide them between two forks which are lying flat against one another inside each other (like an infinity sign). This will give 4 sides total when folded up into its final shape!

Spoon Shirt Hanger

To create a spoon shirt hanger, you will need:

  • A spoon
  • A shirt hanger
  • Drill (optional)

#1. Use the spoon to secure the shirt hanger to the wall. Working with one end at a time, drill two holes through both ends of the spoon and into your wall where you want your new hanger to go. Then insert the metal support rod inside one side of your shirt hanger and attach it securely with screws or an adhesive such as E6000 glue.

#2. Hang up your shirts! If you’re not using a drill, simply place the spoon over your shirt hanger and hold it in place while you screw in two screws through the holes.

#3. Create a spoon shirt hanger with a drill. If you’re using a drill, make sure the head of your screwdriver fits securely into the holes in your spoon before drilling them into place.

You can use old cutlery to create beautiful crafts!

Use a spoon to create a doll stand. Drill two holes into the bottom of your spoon and attach it to the bottom of an empty tissue box with screws or E6000 glue. This will create a stand for your doll! Use old cutlery to make jewelry holders. You can use spoons alone or in combination with other items such as forks or chopsticks. Drill holes in them and hang them around your neck, on your wrist or anywhere else you want!


Have fun with these spoon crafts!

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