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easy sewing projects for gifts

There are many easy sewing projects that you can make for friends or family members. Some of these projects can be completed within an hour. Here are some ideas to get you started. Make a kimono or quilted wine bag, or a stuffed dog bone.

Make a kimono-top

A kimono top has an elegant, flowing look, and it feels comfortable to wear when you use the right fabric. While it could be a bit more practical, this pattern is easy to follow and does not require a lot of sewing time. The pattern allows you to adjust the size of the top by adding the appropriate amount of material. It has a simple fit and an opening in the center that measures 18 inches from each side. Unlike many other garments, kimonos have no shoulder seams and instead are folded over.

This garment requires a lightweight fabric that is suitable for summer. Lightweight cotton or silk are ideal for this project. You’ll need about 5-6 meters of fabric, as well as an obi belt. You can use a contrasting fabric for the neckline.

Make a quilted wine tote

First, you’ll need to sew the two pieces together. You can use a straight stitch or free-motion quilting. It’s best to do quilting away from the handle. You can also use a contrasting color or fabric to add a decorative accent.

If you’re not very experienced with sewing, a wine bag is a great project to start with. The shape is simple, and the seams are usually straight. This is a great way for hostesses or friends to make handmade gifts. A quilted wine tote is not only beautiful, but also functional – it doubles as a wine bottle insulator.

Make a stuffed dog bone

It is simple to make stuffed dog bones as gifts. Even a novice sewer can sew one. The pattern is available in both Italian and English. Start by cutting out a piece of fabric that is about 1/3 yard in size. Then fold it into quarters, press it lightly, and cut it out. To trace the pattern onto the fabric, you can also print it.

Lay the inner fabric piece on top of the outer fabric. Pin the edges in place. Fold the fabric over itself and ensure that the edges are aligned. Sew with a seam allowance of about 1/2 inch. If you’re working with a heavy chewer, double-stick the edges. After you’re done sewing, use blanket stitch for closing the opening.

Make a laptop bag

A laptop bag is a practical and easy gift to make. You can make it from any fabric you like and it will fit any size laptop. The inside can be lined with fluffy fabric, which protects the computer. This sewing project is a great gift for a friend or coworker who loves to travel.

First, measure the dimensions of your laptop. Measure the width and height of your laptop and cut a rectangle accordingly. Cut the flap about half an inch larger than your laptop if you want it to have a flap. Cut the rectangles according to the dimensions of your laptop.

Next, align the inner piece and smaller piece with the right sides together. This piece should be approximately three inches wide and seven inches long. Pin and stitch the two pieces together. Once you have sewn the pieces together, you can turn your bag right side up and press it.

Gift card holders are a great idea

This project is easy enough for beginners. You can even use scrap fabric to make the holders. Using scrap fabric is a great way to avoid wasting money and also gives the recipient something that they may actually use. The pattern can be downloaded and includes a measurement guide. The pattern is divided into the inside and outside fabrics. The inside piece is lined with quilting cotton while the outside piece is lined with real silk or faux leather.

After you have assembled the gift card holder, insert the gift certificate. You will need two pieces of fabric, fusible interlining, and ribbon or silk cord to do this. Then, fold the fabric in half. Once you have aligned the fabric correctly, pin both halves together. Ensure that the ribbon or cord loop is not caught in the inside. Once the holder is ready, you can slip it inside the gift card and hang it on the tree.

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