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colour ideas for living room

For a living space, neutral colours are great. You can also choose from a variety of soft colours like Light peach and Lilac. These shades will suit any decor and are very versatile. They’re also a popular choice because they’ll never go out of fashion. Living rooms can be boldly coloured to express your individuality.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors can be a great way of adding character to your living space without making it look crowded. They can be incredibly relaxing, warm, and inviting. There are many color combinations that you can choose from. But before choosing a color scheme, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

Warm white is a great neutral paint color that will compliment most styles and decors. It will look great with warm wood tones. It will also add a touch of richness to a light neutral color palette. Tan and beige are two other colors that work well with light neutrals. This color family is very versatile and is having a moment this year.

If you’re going for a more dramatic effect, you can use metallic accents. These will add a little bling to a neutral room. They can also reflect light and create drama. Mirrors and other decorative items can add depth to your space.


Lilac is one of the most popular colour schemes for living rooms, but it can also be very cold if it isn’t paired with great artificial lighting. It’s best to use it in rooms with lots of natural light, such as south-facing rooms. In these rooms, you can warm up the colour by adding a few other warm colours. Lee Chambers, psychologist and wellbeing consultant, says lilac should look happier when paired with warm colors.

Lilac is a soft color that can be paired with many other colors. It looks particularly good against other shades of blue, and can be used in most colour schemes. It is a great match for navy and royal blue. It looks great in a modern living space. Try a 12-inch square to get an idea of the colour you should choose.

On walls and floors, lilac looks elegant. It works well against other colours and can be used as a blank canvas against which other colours pop. Carpetright has a great scheme that combines lilac walls with a white sofa, a marble coffee table and black armchair, and black lighting. The result is a room that has a sophisticated feel.

The colour lilac is perfect for a living room. It is warm and inviting, and the perfect colour for spring and summer. However, if used too much, it can overpower the room, so it’s advisable to use it sparingly and choose complementary colours.

Light peach

Peach is a soft shade that can be used for the living room walls or as an accent colour. This warm colour can create a relaxing atmosphere and works well in combination with neutrals such as grey, white or cream. This sweet colour can also be combined with darker hues to create a modern and contemporary feel.

Peach is an extremely feminine colour, but can be balanced with other, cooler colours. It can create a neutral and romantic vibe in a bedroom or nursery. Peach is a great choice for baby pink and works well in children’s rooms. It has a soothing effect and is suitable for most ages.

You can pair a light peach color with shades of green, cyan, and brown. It looks great with skobeloff and beige, and suits most skin tones. The room will feel tropical if you add some bright accents of green.

Light peach curtains can be combined with light gray curtains to create a neutral look. These curtains will reduce the pinkish-pinkish tones of peach and make the space appear more masculine. You can combine it with gold fixtures that match the rich peach walls.

Light peach is a cozy color that has a wide range of uses for home decor. It’s a warm, sunny, and calming color that can make any space feel warm and welcoming. You can mix it with other colors to create different effects.

Royal blue

Royal blue can be used as a versatile colour in the living room. This is a colour that blends well with many other colours. For example, royal blue looks great in combination with shades of purple and green. It is important to make sure that the colours complement one another. To add interest to your furniture, accents in royal blue can be used.

Using this colour in a living room is also a great idea if you want to give the room a sophisticated look. To make the room seem larger, you can use a lighter shade to reduce the intensity of the blue. Choosing various shades of the colour will also allow you to use it in different ways to achieve a stylish interior. A combination of a sporty and modern blue wall with navy blue window curtains can give the room a contemporary, modern look. It will complement wooden flooring and furniture.

Another way to use royal blue in the living room is to mix it with orange. These two colours are complementary and have a lot of energy together. To balance the royal blue furniture, you can also use light pink. However, if you don’t want to use royal blue in this way, you can opt for another complementary colour such as gold or silver.

Ocean blue

If you love the calming and soothing feel of the sea, consider using shades of ocean blue in your living room. These blues look great with sandy neutrals and light-washed wood. To anchor your saturated blue walls, you can also use patterned pillows. Whether you want a neutral, soothing ambiance or a vibrant, energetic look, these blues are great choices for your living room.

One accent color can transform a living space. Whether you’re using a large sofa, a small table, or a piece of artwork, a bold accent is sure to attract attention and add a coastal feel. If you want to avoid the harshness of the ocean, go with a more neutral hue such as gray or beige. Then, use themed accents to accentuate the ocean feeling.

You can avoid bold, bright colors by using pastel blue. This is a French classic and can tie together many blues in your living space. This colour also works wonderfully with whites and natural accents. This color is ideal for coastal living spaces. If you’re not sure what shade of blue to choose, you can experiment with different shades of blue in the other parts of the room to find the perfect match.

When selecting an ocean blue shade for your living room, make sure to choose complementary colours. Navy blue is compatible with blush pinks and greys, for example. This colour also goes well with woodturning stoves, tongue and groove panelling, and pale wood furnishings. For a more rustic feel, consider adding a wood-burning stove or a wood-framed fireplace. You can also add a strong teal accent for a touch of heritage while still keeping the room modern and fresh.

Deep royal blue

One of the most striking accent colours is royal blue. This colour scheme can be combined with a neutral color scheme to add elegance to any living space. Benjamin Moore Deep Royal 2061-10 looks great with crisp white trim, wainscoting and fireplaces. This color looks great in a living space with lots of black and white art and photos.

Another option is using blue-painted shelves and shelving. These shelves and shelving will add style to any space while displaying books and other decorative items. You can also paint an underused nook blue to make it more functional and inviting. You can choose from ultramarine, cobalt, and royal blue for your shelving. For the rest of the room, choose neutral tones and accents in complementary colors.

Royal blue is a striking colour that will add a sense to regal grandeur to your living space. It is a striking colour that has been known to attract wealth and provide a restful night’s sleep. However, you have to use caution when choosing royal blue as a living room accent colour.

The colour works well with other colors such as oranges and reds, which can make it a versatile choice. Choosing similar shades of blue for your walls and accents will help you avoid creating an overly dark room. You can also use bright accents and accessories to balance the dark blue. Bright shades of red, yellow, and orange go well with blue.

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