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There are several different ways to store your bathroom towels. Some ideas include under-the-counter bars, ladders, and floating shelves. These are all good ideas for maximizing storage space. To find the perfect solution for your needs, consider all of your storage options and choose the one that works best for your space.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to maximize the available space in your bathroom. They can be installed at eye level or under your sink, and provide ample space for towels and toiletries. They also give the bathroom an airy look that will make it feel more spacious. You can even use the shelves as a bonus towel rack by putting a hand towel rod underneath them.

The biggest advantage of floating shelves is that they’re easy to install and keep towels easily accessible. Because they’re so lightweight, they’re also easy to move from room to room. If you have a rambunctious cat or a small child, you’ll want to choose a durable model that can withstand roughhousing. For smaller hand towels and washcloths, try acrylic holders, while larger bath towels can be stored in plastic holder. These shelves also make it easy to arrange towels and lay them out for guests.

Another great option for storing towels is to install a standalone towel storage unit. These units take up more room than wall-mounted units but offer more storage space. The five-tier unit can accommodate towels, books, and bathroom decor. While the unit is not very visually impressive, the open design will keep towels easily accessible.

Another benefit of floating shelves is that they can be mounted on nearly any wall in your bathroom. They can be mounted over the door or toilet, or even behind the door. You can also place them in the bathroom’s corner. Floating shelves are also great for greenery, as plants grow better in sunlight.

Under-the-counter bar

An under-the-counter bar for bathroom towel storage can help you keep more towels out of sight and in reach. This type of rack comes in many sizes and styles, and can be easily mounted on a wall. They can accommodate single towels or multiple rolls of towels. Some require nails to mount properly; others simply stick onto the wall with strong adhesive tape.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can install several towel bars in a row. Stacking them vertically can give your bathroom a unified look, and they can be customized in style and color. If you want a stylish yet practical solution, look for one with a curved space. You can also install a ladder-style rack on the wall behind the bathroom door, which is an artful way to add storage space.

You can also mount multiple towel bars on the same wall. These bars can hang multiple towels, and they can be mounted over the toilet or next to the vanity. If you have a large bathroom, you can choose one that fits above the shower door. You can even find one that’s mounted inside the shower with no drilling. If you don’t want to drill a hole in the wall, you can also use suction cup or adhesive hooks. However, you should remember to look for a hook with a weight capacity of 3 pounds or more.

Another option is a mounted frame. This style provides extra shelf space on the walls, but is lightweight and easy to move around. It also allows you to easily access the towels stored on it. Floating shelves are also a great option. They offer a clean, wood-finished finish and are perfect for bathroom storage.

Decorative fruit bowls

Bathroom towel storage can be made more attractive by using decorative fruit bowls as storage containers. These containers are often made from a variety of materials including ceramic, metal and wood. They are attractive and functional and can hold a variety of food and ornaments. Metal and wood fruit bowls are durable and can be cleaned easily. Stainless steel fruit bowls can be stylish and functional, as well.

The best fruit stand is made of metal and is designed to hold a variety of fruits and is a practical space saver. It can be stacked in multiples, and has a mesh design for increased air circulation. Decorative fruit bowls look great in kitchens with minimalist designs.

For a modern look, consider a gold-finished bowl. These bowls are not as expensive as others, but will be an attractive accent in your kitchen. They can double as a fruit bowl and a centerpiece in your dining room. They can be found in different colors, including rose gold, black and gold.

Decorative fruit bowls are a great way to display fresh fruit. Not only do they store towels and other bathroom essentials, but they can also make a statement! They look great when placed on a counter or over a sink. Whether you’re looking for bathroom towel storage, a decorative fruit bowl will definitely add a stylish touch.

If you’re not sure what type of fruit bowls you need, the internet is a great resource. Many online shops feature a wide range of fruit bowls. You can read reviews and assess the products online before buying. You can also ask for recommendations from other consumers.


A ladder shelf in the bathroom can be a practical and attractive option for storing bathroom towels. This type of shelf has pegs for hanging towels, loofahs, and other small items. A ladder shelf also has the advantage of blending into the decor of the room.

A modern metal ladder towel rack is another attractive choice for bathroom towel storage. It adds a rustic flair to the bathroom decor, and features a five-step ladder design with ample storage space. Moreover, this style of rack can be used for a variety of different purposes in the bathroom.

Industrial Farm Co. wall-mounted Ossit Ladder has a classic look, and it is a versatile piece. It comes with four mounting pieces for wall-mounted or floor-mounted installation. It features round-bottomed mounting hardware and a matte clear coat finish. If you want to add some more style to your bathroom, you can also choose a bamboo ladder.

Choosing the right storage solution for your bathroom towel storage is crucial for your home. You don’t want to have to stow them away in a drawer or in a closet. Towel racks make it easy to store used towels while allowing clean ones to air out. A towel rack, mounted on a door, or hung on the wall, can be a great addition to your bathroom.

Freestanding shelf unit

A freestanding shelf unit in the bathroom can be a good option if you don’t have a linen closet or would like to use a smaller space for storage. These shelves offer an excellent way to store clean towels and are easy to install. The downside of a shelf unit is that it will take up a lot of space, so you may want to think twice before installing one in a small bathroom.

A wooden towel rack is a good option. This horizontal wooden bar is hollow and can be stacked in various ways. You can use it to store colored towels. It doesn’t take up much space and is quite similar to bathroom cabinets. A wooden brown color allows you to stack towels in various combinations without taking up too much space. In addition, you can use the empty space for a plant or other decorative item.

A freestanding shelf unit is also a great option if you don’t want a wall cabinet. You can hang it from the drywall or the cabinet door, which will save a lot of space in your bathroom. Some shelves can also be hung from the towel rod, if you’d like.

If you’re looking for a contemporary design, a heavy wood cabinet will add warmth to the room. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even create a freestanding shelf unit yourself using planks, a wooden stain, and a hammer and nails. A wooden shelf can also be positioned in a corner of the room, which is a great way to use wall space.

You may want to read reviews on online sites before making a final purchase. These reviews are a great source of information and can help you narrow down your search. Just make sure you ask a lot of questions and compare prices.

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